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I W A N N A C H A N G E S ON Saturday, May 4, 2013 AT 11:22 PM

This entry is not about you or you .Its about me me me me me .Do yo want to know something ?Oh damn ! I soliloquize .Actually I really sad.Oright now I need to change my life .I cannot depend on him anymore.I cannot be weak ,i cannot be spoiled ,cannot whine when sick, sha you has to be strong.

For the time being, sha dont want to get in the love story ,I wanna focus on my study ,can i ?I want to run from all those things.I stress ,all boy friend ,i consider like a friends ,just him the special one .Ergghh but no more special , triple or double .

I wanna study hard and be smart ,then next year I wanna run to others state or country,so I need a better result to convince my parents.I have to start a new life without depending on others.I have to try ,I can be like this .Maybe he not for me anymore ,right ?

He the one that always be with me when I in trouble .But that was before now he hurt me and cause me more trouble .I always depend on him ,telling him about my life story , my problem including my friends and family problems .But he never take any reactions or done something that can help me ,he only help me about money and make me smile .

Day by day , I and him are futher apart is the sign that we are not meant to be together ? Lately,her words hurt me and I feel hate him so much ,I feel that him is changing to be worst and I cannot control him .Yes thats right i cannot control him .I feel like I bored everytime I with him and I feel like i dont care about him anymore ,what he do ,what he ask ,everything make me feel like,err do i care ?

He change or I change ,he always shout at me for a small things .breach of promise this always .He always get angry with me if i do something related to his MOTORCYCLE .Motorcycle like no one to him now ,that way his money go ,that wayy he become worst ,can i burn that stupid  things .

But if i are not with him ,to whom i would tell about my sweet sour and bitter .This 5th july our Happy Forever Anniversary D'amour Platonicious for three years .I`m sorry for not remember the date before .I would to think again about this ,I know I weak without you .I can stand on my feet .I do need you ,but I to try  independent .

I am grow up but my behavior and thought is not like my age .I more childlish ,i dont why .I would like to be adult but i feel bored to be like that .No LOL and so on .I feel bored to be adult .I hate the adult thinking there jealous ,backstabber and so on .I heart the teenagers world .I love to be child can I be child again ?

Only your the one that understand me before but now you are not ,only you that care about me before ,you are always worried and concerned when I sick ,you the wnat help me in everything I do ,whther the homework or the task .You show me the right way .You always teach me mostly about to be a perfect  ISLAM .Because of you I change .

why did you leave me when I need you ,where is our promise to you that time,my worlds are empty without you :')

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