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i wanna my own camera! ON Tuesday, March 1, 2011 AT 12:49 PM
I really wnnat to buy a pink camera!*.* Ble tengok pink camneyh ! makes me drool :8
And how I wished I really decided which one I really want first before purchasing it.>.<Also, my The picture above were my first choice, It's T series of Sony.I have heard that these camera's are great for taking pictures, So I been wanting to have one.This would cost 200-300dollars..But I don't think I could get this right now.I have been a spender recently, paying bowling fee and going to sunshine for bowling this friday.If I saved my money maybe I have this now. (@_@)

I really wanted to buy any of the T series, that is if I could find a shop that sells it a lot cheaper. If I can't then I guess I have no choice but to get others instead.Or I'm also thinking of a samsung.They also have pink ones.I really can't decide (^_^)
I know that taking pictures is a bez way of keeping old memories alive.Actually, I don't really care before.But not until I started crazy of posing.btw I wanna make crazy pose wif my fwenz dinna n d geng if I get this cam !so pray for me !hopefully I can`t get this!k fine!yez i`am had crazy!coz I really2 want to have my own cam!i had start  dreams about it sice last year! hu3,,like what we say angan2 mat jenin..weee~
So before I really2 crazy let me begg of!k tata!n thanz for sharing a lil bit of your time with me by reading rojak essay!

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